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Trish could be our own Jackie Kennedy

WHAT do you address the president's wife in Ireland as? The first lady? Mrs President? Mrs Your Excellency? We haven't a breeze what the protocol is, because as far back as we can remember, it was the hubbie that was playing second fiddle to an alpha female head of State.

One thing's for sure; it looks like it will be a man in the Aras and if the latest polls are to be believed, the woman behind him, or rather at his side at every photographic opportunity, will be Trish Gallagher.

Already she's been billed as Ireland's Jackie Kennedy and is now firmly on the radar of every newspaper and magazine fashion editor. Her style is youthful, minimalist and slightly edgy. It's block colours, high necks and comfortable. It's age appropriate unlike, say, Kate Middleton, who's rocking the shiny tights and low heels 10 years too soon. Her short hair says she's confident and not conservative.


They've already done the VIP spread. Freshly brewed coffee, and the pair of you looking immaculate, as you ever so casually flick through the papers in your beautiful home. These 'at home with' spreads are kind of cringey, but everyone wins.The Gallaghers get the oxygen of politics: publicity. And we get a voyeuristic peek into a millionaire entrepreneur's home.

Maybe we want our Camelot in Ireland right now. A good looking, young couple in the Aras. That's if they can fumigate the stench of Fianna Fail pestilence from them.

If they do, politics, sorry... the presidency, because it is, after all, above politics (tee hee) has never looked this good.