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Tried and tested: Best hand creams

I KIND of hate hand creams, which I am sure is how I always lead off the columns I write about hand creams. Have any of the below managed to find a chink in my anti-hand-cream armour?

NEUTROGENA Hand Cream Concentrated, €6.99, HHIII "Ooh, a clear gel!" I said to myself when I gave this tube a squeeze. "That's different!" 'Ooh' turned to 'ick', though, because its coverage was not very good due to extreme stickiness. My hands eventually felt really soft, but the sticky 'ick' is just not nice.

ORIGINS Make a Difference Rejuvenating Hand Treatment, €23.40, HHHHI Every time I applied this, within minutes, I forgot all about it. This is not great if you have to review it! This is great if, like me, you hate the gooey-hands feeling of hand cream. It may be that this quick-absorption thing made me use more product, so not cost effective, but not enough of an issue to cost this more than one star.

LUSH Helping Hands, €9.45, HHHII This is great if you've got -- ha ha! -- time on your hands. It is rich, thick and luxurious. It also takes forever to absorb. It's like an intensive treatment you'd get in a spa and, frankly, the typical Lush tub isn't really something I'd toss into the handbag. Save this for a pamper day at home.

KIEHLS Ultimate Strength Hand Salve, €22.50, HHHHI This is the single most massive tube of hand cream I have ever seen in my life. You wouldn't get better value out of this is you were an octopus. I found that the initial contact was great, but it dried too tackily. This is the product's much vaunted 'glove-like' protective barrier.

CIEN Hand Cream, €1.25, HHHHH Cheap as chips -- cheaper! This is from Lidl and it is really lovely. I found it especially good for my cuticles, which are always peeling and looking disgusting.