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We're all keyed up in Co Roscommon

THURSDAY: A man-trap. Sounds like what Irish tourism needs right now. It's one of the coolest things you will see at an Irish museum and it is to be found at the National Museum at Castlebar, the third (and most secret) of our national museums, the folk life collection.

FRIDAY: The west at its best, as seen on a drive to Delphi and back through crowded Westport. There are 900 people staying tonight in the Breaffy House Hotel in Castlebar. "Irish people had a misconception about the hotel industry," manager Gay Nevin says. "They wouldn't work here. It is one of the best jobs going."

SATURDAY: Home holiday tour continues to Arigna coal mines, where visitor numbers are up 12pc this year. It is easy to see why. Michael Earley brings a spellbound group of around 30 people down into the bowels of the earth "where hell met Connacht". In Lough Key Forest Park numbers are up as well, to see the new canopy walk and a Swedish living video game Boda Borg. When it rains we need indoor attractions.

SUNDAY: The Halfords tent is now pitched in my garden in Straffan. Its resilience continues to astound but it is about to be put to the test of a 15th birthday party. The tent comes with a solar-powered shower. You have a bag of water that you hang in 21 degrees of heat for two hours and, hey presto, you have a hot shower.

MONDAY: Early morning flight DY1363 to Oslo on Norwegian. The drive through the Hallingdal Valley to Geilo is spectacular. The pool at the Dr Holms Hotel is deep, 2.2m and as you lie flat on your back the roof looks like snow, like you are lying at a height over the highest plateau in Norway.

TUESDAY: Turid Lindseth is teaching me Nordic walking and it is surprisingly difficult. Kari Lie is from west Norway. The weather there, like Ireland, is rainy. She remembers camping as a child when she woke up at a site near Stavanger and there was a duck in the pool of water on the tent directly above her head.

WEDNESDAY: Off to Bergen on the Oslo-Bergen Railway, recognised as one of the most beautiful rail journeys in the world. It rains more in western Norway than in western Ireland. Have I made the right choice?

Savvy Traveller by Eoghan Corry, How the Travel Industry Works and How to Make it Work for You, e15