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Pack smart to cut the hassle

Packing is a nightmare at the best of times, but it's worse when you're trying to squeeze everything into your suitcase for a much longed-for break in the sun. Here are our tips for deciding what to bring and wear on your summer holiday if you want to be stylish and cool.

Be practical

Don't try to look like Victoria Beckham when it comes to flouncing through the airport. Travelling clothes should be comfortable, practical and heavy. Yes, heavy. Considering the baggage allowances of airlines, you should wear your heaviest clobber rather than stuffing it into your suitcase. You can always take off that cardigan or jacket on the plane.

Don't waste time on a holiday wardrobe, think holiday style

We've all done it. It's a couple of weeks to your break and you haven't got one piece of holiday wear. So you rush into town, spend an afternoon in a changing room and drop a wad of cash on a wardrobe that you'll never touch again after your sojourn is over. Rather than wasting time and money doing the same this year, apply summer style to your summer clothes. Multi-task clothes that you feel comfortable in and use them as holiday wear. Team up summer tops and blouses with shirts to create that effortlessly stylish look.

Remember what matters...

. . . and that's not a beach bag. Every year, you see the same desperate shoppers searching for the perfect beach bag, growing increasingly frustrated by what's on offer. Unable to decide what holds the most, you often end up buying three and stuffing them into your luggage, right? Wrong. Unless you carry a particularly small bag, use your everyday carry-all. Not only does it make sense, it also makes you look cool and sassy.

Hair today

For once, style gurus are all in agreement about something -- the scruffy top-knot has become the hairstyle of the summer. A simple yet effective do, it is essentially a high bun with loose tendrils of hair pulled out to frame the face. It's an easy style to mimic, making it the perfect hassle-free holiday hair.

Accessorise your look

Changing the look of an outfit can be as simple as adding jewellery in the shape of some fancy earrings, a necklace or shiny bangles. And the best news? They weigh almost nothing -- freeing up more space in your suitcase for those essential holiday purchases, no doubt . . .