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My holidays: Ciabhan O Murchu

Ciabhan O Murchu plays Jason in Ros na Run

What was your best holiday ever? In 2003 I spent the summer in Crete. I worked in a bar seven nights a week for very little money with about three nights off over the entire summer. It was exhausting; working in the bar, heading out with friends and still getting up to the beach each day.

Where did you holiday as a child? We usually went somewhere in Ireland such as An Daingean peninsula in Kerry but we also visited Greece, Spain and France. We never went to resorts -- our holidays were camping and backpacking so it was always an adventure.

What is your favourite holiday food? I'm a big fan of Thai food.

Where would you never go again? I visited Prague two years ago and I thought it was quite overrated. The city itself is beautiful but so are a lot of other European cities that are less well known and not as pricey.

Where did you go last year? I started in a beautiful little Austrian town called Scharding by the Danube river for my father's wedding. From there, I travelled to Corfu in Greece and then on to Rome. I also visited my mother in Poznan in Poland where she lives.

Who did you go with? A big group of my family and friends for the wedding; some old friends in Corfu; I travelled on my own to Rome and my girlfriend came with me to Poznan.

Where would you like to go before you die? I would like to see South America and more of Asia.

Do you have any holiday tips? I think everyone should be adventurous and try new foods and new experiences on holidays. It is important to respect other countries, their customs and culture. It makes a difference if you learn a bit about the country before you visit and locals will appreciate it if you learn a few key phrases.

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