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Even angry little budgie was content in the gargantuan Alhambra, writes Ian Mallon

LAST week I got one wife, three kids, three suit cases, one budgie and one budgie's cage onboard the Alhambra for a weekend away.

Now, whatever about the wife and kids, keeping an angry budgie happy is a very hard thing to do.

For those who don't have one, budgies are large breasted, cross little things, blessed with neither looks nor size.

They're highly irritable pint-sized birds, who can be provoked into the most petulant rage at the smallest of provocation, all inspired by their insipid petulance brought on by small legs and largely inflated opinions.

The budgie is a dour little creature at the best of times but if its cage is rattled then Heaven help you when it starts snapping its beak and you happen to get in the way.


Mobile phones, the sound of human voices and the perceived encroachment of their own little space can turn the most mild mannered budgie into a potty parakeet.

So that's why once a month I am forced to deal with the angriest of little budgies for our regular family weekend away -- except this time around, and it's all thanks to the gorgeous new Alhambra.

On this road trip budgie was fine -- her real name is Lizzie (pictured above) but I'm convinced that inside she's a grumpy old man -- and the reason was the sheer space that she enjoyed on her journey down south. There was no spacial encroachment, no sense of claustrophobia and no irritating speaker noises to get the little budgie rattled into a feathered frenzy.

Yes, this gargantuan MPV should be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize such is the calming effect it had on all on-board.

The Alhambra officially comes in four different models, allbethey four different styled 2.0 TDI Reference and Style trims.

In its best suit the Alhambra comes at a cost of €46k -- a significant expenditure on a car that is still an MPV.

However, it is the overall size of the car that wins all the time and no matter what way you look at it, this is the biggest car on the road today.

There is so much room that the Alhambra still offers significant space when the rear seats are put up and the car becomes a seven seater.

Other highlights come with a choice of 16" and "17 alloys, full air conditioning system and bagloads of on-board cupboards and boxes for storage.

The biggest bonus of all however is the magnificent handling of such a big beast.

Like Titanic minus the iceberg the thing glides along effortlessly for such a big bus.

Take off in the Alhambra is seamless too, with the car

guiding up to 100kph in seconds of kicking her loose.

This is all down to the magnificent 2.0 TDI, probably the greatest engine in motoring.

The SEAT Alhambra costs from €40,305.