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Training with Eddie McDonagh

The Nobel Prize -winning writer and poet Rudyard Kipling wrote that one of the fulfilling moments in human existence was to "fill the unforgiving minute with 60 seconds worth of distance run".

Set realistic targets and don't be afraid to ease back if you are not feeling well.

Try to eat well -- a good breakfast is important and, if possible, leave your main meal until after training.

Bring carbohydrates with you for after your session (bananas, muesli bars, dried fruit, fruit pastilles, wine gums etc).

Drink plenty of liquids before, during and after exercise.

Dieting is not advisable, but adopt healthy eating habits and avoid fatty foods.

Make sure to warm up in your tracksuit before your session and cool down afterwards, also in your tracksuit.

Wear good comfortable shoes and clothing and do not wait until race day to try out a new pair of runners.

If you get any sort of injury, rest for a few days and ice the affected area twice a day for 15/20 minutes. Don't put ice directly on to your skin -- wrap it in a towel and a plastic bag.

Do not train on consecutive days; the day off in between will help avoid exhaustion and injury.

For Training Schedules: www.florawomensmini marathon.ie.