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Training with Eddie McDonagh

The next step in this programme is to get into a routine and designate a training time that you will not deviate from over the next 13 weeks. Remember, a good habit is as hard to break as a bad one.

All of the exercise should be done at a comfortable pace. Although it will be impossible to avoid some aches or pains, moving gradually into your programme will minimise discomfort.

Meet a friend at the same level of fitness as yourself, or join a Meet & Train Group and you will enjoy camaraderie and chat as you go along. Why not make running/jogging/ walking a family affair and encourage everyone to go for a stroll in the park, or around the roads in your area.

Getting started is the key as the benefits to mind and body will soon become apparent to all who participate in this activity. One of the big pluses for those who have taken part in this great race, is that lifelong friendships have been formed and a healthy lifestyle maintained. This form of exercise is also one of the least expensive to participate in. You don't need gym fees or expensive clothing other than a good pair of shoes, which will lessen the impact on muscles and joints and can help avoid injuries.

Running, jogging or walking on grass is also recommended, when the weather allows. Irish weather can be unpredictable so wear warm clothing and get some protective rain gear. You are then all set for this big adventure, which will culminate in you crossing the finish line on June 4, in the 30th Flora Women's Mini Marathon.

Once you have developed your routine, we will discuss warm-ups, cool-downs, stretching and drills and all of the information you need to progress further.

Check out the training schedule at www.florawomensminimarathon.ie.


Coach -- Dundrum South Dublin AC