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Training for different body types

Endomorph: The aim for an Endomorph should be to lose body fat. Weight training helps to build up the muscle/fat ratio which will speed up the metabolism.

It is advisable to use medium weights and train at a fast pace, not resting between sets. You should lower your calories and keep off sugar and fast foods.

When not in the gym you should look at ways to increase your exercise, use the stairs, get off the bus a stop early and walk briskly or go for a short jog.

All this will increase your metabolism and help you lose the weight.


Mesomorphs tend to be predisposed to fitness and their physique tends to be athletic.

To improve your shape you should exercise and watch your diet. Weight training is advisable and you can usually handle longer sessions than the Endomorph can. You can train with slightly heavier weights and take short rests between sessions.

You will tone up more easily and maintain it if you keep up a good steady programme.

Keep the diet good but be careful with fats. Like the Endomorph strive to do some aerobic activities outside of gym time.


Ectomorphs need to concentrate on gaining weight and toning. Weight training is advisable but not too often or for long sessions.

Keep the workout session slower with a heavy enough weight and rest between sets.

Keep the diet high in good calories cutting out junk foods. You should try and eat more and more often throughout the day.

Don't go mad with aerobic workouts.

Go for walks at a moderate pace only.