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top shelf

This new series sets out to find Ireland's next great supermarket food product. This edition kicks off with Catherine Fulvio showcasing the best in Leinster. RTE, in association with Lidl, will take their search nationwide, involving lots of Irish food producers keen to pitch for the opportunity to see their products make it onto the shelves.

handy little number

the bbc children in need sewing bee

bbc2, 8pm

Budding celebrity sewers will do battle in three new special episodes of The Great British Sewing Bee. Each hour-long show will be overseen by a celebrity guest host, while four more familiar faces will take their places at the sewing machines in a bid to impress judges Patrick Grant and May Martin. In this first episode, Jenny Eclair is host, overseeing Hairy Biker Dave Myers, DJ and presenter Edith Bowman, Coronation Street actress Wendi Peters, and Embarrassing Bodies' Dr Dawn Harper. The challenges include the transformation of a classic Hawaiian shirt into a child's garment.

is it life Jim?

human universe

bbc2, 9pm

Are We Alone on planet earth?: Professor Brian Cox explores mankind's place in the universe. He considers the possibility of alien life - could it exist and if it does then will humans ever find it? Using the 'Drake equation', formulated by Frank Drake - who appears in the programme - in the 1960s, Brian calculates the chances of the conditions for life to evolve existing elsewhere among the universe's 200 billion star systems. Meanwhile, mankind has sent its own message into outer space - two golden disks that blasted off with the Voyager spacecraft in the 1970s, with a greeting from Earth. Is there anybody out there?

laws of attraction

masters of sex

more4, 10pm

In the last episode of season two, after watching an early cut of the television documentary, Masters is disturbed by the whitewashing of his work. Johnson moves to solidify her custody arrangement for the children with George, only to see her plans backfire. Libby continues her relationship with Robert, finding justification in Masters' distraction.

U2 make their debut on the show to perform songs from their new album Songs of Innocence. Joining Jools for his first-ever performance on the programme is London singer-songwriter Sam Smith, responsible for one of the best-selling albums of 2014 so far, In the Lonely Hour. New York rockers Interpol return 10 years after their last appearance to perform tracks from El Pintor.