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Top 10 tips to beat exam stress

1. Stay healthy: Eat regular, well-balanced meals.

2. Headaches: Drink water, study in a well-ventilated room, take regular breaks.

3. Dehydration: Drink lots of fluids. Avoid too much coffee or stimulant drinks.

4. Cold sores: Apply a preventative cream. Use high factor lip balm.

5. Stomach upsets: If constipated, drink plenty of water and eat high fibre foods. For diarrhoea, drink plenty of water.

6. Hay fever: Keep doors and windows closed mid-morning and early eve.

7. Asthma: Ask a pharmacist for advice on improving your inhaler technique. Have an ample supply.

8. Eczema: Keep skin well prescribed moisturiser, wear loose fitting clothes.

9. Insomnia: Avoid caffeine and don't study in bed.

10. Muscular and joint discomfort: Have a chair that provides good back support. Avoid slouching.