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Tips for getting your child active

1Getting children active is the most important thing in avoiding obesity. One in four children in primary school has a weight problem due to mainly junk food and inactivity.

2With many schools limiting playground activity due to insurance issues and over-protective parents, children have less time to play sports and engage in fun activities. Let your children be children!

3Meeting new friends while playing sports can forge long-term friendships and continue well after school. Playing sport has a huge social aspect for developing confidence and meeting new people.

4Boys and girls in school learn to become team players. It also teaches commitment, focus, time management. All great skills.

5For some, sport may be their forte. The academic aspect of school isn't for everybody. So if your child is gifted in a sport try and aim for them to go to a school that encourages excellence, not only in academics but for all round balance.

6Juggling sports in school can be tricky for both children and 
parents. It means planning a tight schedule, so get your note book and plan months ahead.

7Don't over-do the activities. Too much pushing from parents may push your child away from their favourite sport. Fathers often try and relive their own youths through that of their sons. I've seen so many gifted players loose interest due to pushy coaches and even worse still, pushy parents. Ease off and you will see the benefits of this approach.

8Really, the most 
aspect is to 
exercise as a family. It will help bond the whole family and support each other. It's not always about winning, the taking part counts too.