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Thinking of getting laser skin treament?

Are you thinking about getting laser? Sinead Gallagher, of Renew Aesthetic Clinic, talked to us about how to get in shape for laser, to get your skin in shape for summer.

What is the best way for a client to prepare their skin to receive laser treatments?

They must make sure they have no false tan on their face, and also no colour from the sun before treatment.

Is summer a bad time to get laser treatment?

Once clients are prepared to wear a high sun factor and keep their face out of direct sunlight it isn't a problem – however, if they are going on holiday, it's advisable to wait until they return before starting.

What precautions should a client be prepared to take?

The biggest thing is to stay out of direct sunlight both before and after the treatment – it can't be carried out if you have a suntan, as the laser picks up the pigment in the skin and brings bigger risks.

SPF is so important always, but is it especially recommended, post-laser treatment?

It's vital. We recommend a SPF of at least 30 and it should be a physical block containing zinc oxide.

Is it possible to get laser all over the body? Besides the face, what are the most popular areas clients like to target?

For veins and pigmentation, the face is the most commonly treated, but the decolletage is also a common area. People also have leg veins but they can be difficult to treat with IPL laser.

Summertime can make people self-conscious about bodily imperfections. How soon can a client begin to see results after treatment?

Generally speaking, if you are having thread veins removed, you can see an instant result, but you do need to do three sessions for complete clearance.

For pigmentation, the area will initially turn darker and then flake off so it can take a few days for that to happen.