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'Therapy session is like a chat with a trusted aunty'

ANGEL therapy is something I loved the sound of and so after a quick search I found myself connecting with Caroline Kavanagh, based in Enfield. I am going to be honest and say I wanted to believe that what she does is special, but I also knew to maintain my journalistic integrity, I had to question her along the way

Working from a beautiful room in her home she started the reading which involved her simply channelling what she calls her guide's voice and plucking cards from a deck. Immediately she said she could see my angel beside me.

"Do you know a John Joe?" she asked.

My grandfather's name.

"He says you deserve the best and you're settling for something that's not good enough right now."

I knew what she was talking about.

"You have a very strong connection with a Catherine," she continues.

My mother's name.

I mention that I am writing a book and ask her for a message regarding this.


"This is a leap of faith year for you," she continues and September is an extremely important month for that, but you've to do the work between now and then and remember to do it for the love of it, not for any other reason."

I am to focus on the business element of it and become more open about it rather than modest and shy as I tend to be.

She goes on to explain something regarding my love life that, for those involved, I won't write about, but again it was astonishingly accurate. She named him, and described him emotionally to a T.

Concerning my body, apparently I am to eat more meat and more normal food rather than whatever diet I have read about this week and also have more rose quartz in my house.

During the one-hour session I felt like I was chatting to a close friend. I immediately warmed to her and, without a doubt, believe in what she does. I want to believe it. I also wanted and needed to hear all she said.

It was better than any advice I get from friends or family. Instinctively I knew everything she said was true. Caroline has the qualities of a gentle loving aunt or someone you can trust to guide you.

>Caroline Kavanagh

€50 for one hour of card readings.

Call 086 870 6980.

She's based in Enfield, Co Meath