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The secrets behind how our favourite celebs stay so slim

The sun is finally out from behind the clouds, and who among us isn't scrambling through our wardrobes for summer clothes which will be both light enough for the heat, and flatter our figures?

It is also the time when there is no hiding from any fat which has crept up on us over the winter months, and is now staring back at us from the mirror, nay, in fact it is waving at us, the cheek of it.

It's no wonder we're searching for the Holy Grail of slimming and fitness tips.

That eureka moment which will work for us by suiting our lifestyle and personalities, and which we will be able to do consistently to get some satisfactory results in terms of looking trimmer and more toned.


Yesterday, some of our favourite personalities and columnists revealed the diets on which they failed to lose weight. Today, they go further and share the slimming tips which have worked for them, by revealing the lifestyle change or fitness regime which has helped them shed the pounds and get the figure they want – leaving them feeling healthier and sexier, too.