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The outlook for women is pretty dismal

I think this is just one further symptom of the senseless age we have ushered in – in the name of freedom, liberalism and choice.

 The entire dynamics of intimate relationships have altered dramatically, pretty much in the way described, but also in other ways.

The problem is that younger women (in their 20s and thereabouts), fearful of damaging their career prospects, are less inclined to enter committed relationships with a view to marriage and family.

Then, in their 30s, they realise that time moves faster than they imagined, and their range of choice is not what it was.

At this stage, men are somewhat wary of becoming involved with them because their urgency with regard to getting pregnant can lead to precipitate developments over which the man has little or no control.



Hence, men tend to prefer somewhat younger or somewhat older women.

The problem with talking about this issue – as with many others– is that it is subject to what I would call 'PC regulation', which ordains that any attempt to spell out the problem is ipso facto representative of a 'reactionary' position.

We no longer are allowed the freedom to simply state facts, but must all the time be worrying about whether we're 'offending' this one or that one, or this or that category of sensitive souls. This is a real problem, not just for women, but also for European societies in particular, which are currently suffering something of a demographic meltdown.

At the core of the problem is the denial of biology, the identification of freedom with economic freedom, and the refusal to acknowledge that men and women are different in fairly essential ways.

I think the outlook for women is pretty dismal, especially if they sign up to the prevailing orthodoxies about choice and freedom and so forth.

They may yet live to regret that they didn't seek to explore these concepts a little more deeply. But, at the moment, our culture is overwhelmingly determined to obscure the truth from them until it's too late.