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the oral is worth a lot, so stay focused

The oral is the first section of the exam you will complete. It is worth a considerable amount of marks so take action with the following tips:

Immerse yourself fully into the language. Take an interest in the culture and lifestyle of natives. There is a basic level of knowledge of the country expected by the oral examiner.

As the orals approach, keep yourself up to date with politics, sporting events, weather, etc. Do not appear dated with your answers.

Be natural. Of course students learn off answers for various topics. Although the trick is to appear natural. Converse confidently and pause every now and then.

Take a second to think of your answer before you speak.

Do not expose yourself linguistically. Make sure you have all avenues covered before you introduce a new topic to the conversation.

Body language is another aspect of the oral you must consider. Sit upright, avoid fidgeting and speak slowly. This confidence conveys control and a keen command of the language.