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The human side of internet relationships

David met his Russian wife Veronika on the internet, and following a whirlwind romance she moved to Ireland. She had an affair and it took David two years to sort out their separation. He lost contact with his stepdaughter.

Laura is confident and competent, and was happily married to an English husband who she had met through work in Dublin. They had a good lifestyle, lovely home and enjoyed a busy social life. When she experienced problems getting pregnant, her former husband initially showed support before becoming uncommunicative and withdrawing from her, and the marriage broke down.

Rory is dynamic and intelligent and had a child with his girlfriend when he was 19. It was his intention to make a go of the relationship, but his ex suffered from mental health problems and their partnership became impossible. He met another woman and they had two sons together, but their relationship was difficult and they eventually separated and divorced. He is now with his new partner with whom he has three children.