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The girl with the dragon tattoo - and her own fashion line

SWEDISH fashion retailer H&M is to release a collection of clothes inspired by the rebellious character Lisbeth Salander in the best-selling crime novel.

The fashion chain says the collection is designed by Trish Summerville, who created Salander's outfits in film director David Fincher's upcoming US movie versions of Larsson's three-book crime series.

H&M said the 30-piece collection has 'the dark urban feel' that defines Salander's character, with leather jackets and trousers, torn jeans and slouchy hoodies.

Actress Rooney Mara plays the tormented, tattooed computer hacker in the US movie, which is due out here on St Stephen's Day. Mara is following in the wake of uber feisty Noomi Rapace, who starred in the Swedish movies of the trilogy. The H&M collection is expected to be available in stores from December 14.

Summerville, the designer who has created clothes for the tomboy character with both anarchist and crime-fighting tendencies, has also dressed bands and singers, including The Black Eyed Peas, No Doubt, Ricky Martin and Janet Jackson.

Summerville said of her H&M collection: "We put a lot of aged-in washes and finishes, which goes along the lines of the Salander character. In the film, her clothes are quite extreme.

"They're really worn down, they're dirty. So for us, it was taking that kind of concept and giving it more of a realistic fashion feel."


Summerville created Salander's look, along with make-up artist Pat McGrath and hair stylist Danilo, who chopped about 10 inches from Mara's locks and bleached her eyebrows. The actress has fake tattoos in the forthcoming movie, but got her eyebrow and nipple pierced for real to get into character.

Summerville said of Mara: "She is amazing to work with.

"She's a real hard worker, and she did an outstanding, outstanding job.

"She should be extremely proud of herself because it was rough.

"It's a rough film to make and a rough subject matter and she was really impressive."

The designer's capsule collection, which will range from a few quid for an accessory to more than €100 for the leather jackets, has been officially stamped with the 'cool' seal of approval -- as it'll be stocked in Colette in Paris, a few days before it launches worldwide in H&M stores.