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The first step to keeping fit is taking time for your feet

I am slightly obsessed with my feet. I like them to look as pretty as they can, given the fact that I do so much running, walking and Bikram yoga. I am tricky to buy pressies for as I want nothing bar the ability to pay my mortgage, bills and food shop off my own bat, but one of my best pals knows about my little foot fetish.

Which is why she buys me a Danne Medi Pedi from The Beauty Suite on South William Street for an occasion, such as a birthday. It gets rid of all the hard skin and then you can throw in a nail paint-job too, for the pretty factor.

The reason I am obsessed with my feet is because if you mind them they will mind you -- it's the same with your teeth.


My Pops always told us when we were growing up that we would have good feet and good teeth, even if he had to take three jobs.

I am also keenly aware that feet get uglier as they get older. Which is why I am trying to mind them now, in between my fitness regime.

So when Elverys asked me to come down to their Suffolk Street store (it's part of their Dublin City Marathon initiative) for a free gait analysis, I defo had my running shoes on to get there on time.

It's turns out I don't have the worst gait in the world, but my ankles do roll in when I run, apparently a common physical trait in most people, particularly those who are active.

Elverys assessed me and made me a customised Footbalance insole which I can now use to correct my gait by placing it inside my runners.

It appears I might have escaped the 'knee injury' net by taking this test, fingers crossed and read on.

According to the experts, a lot of knee and lower back complaints that are related to running and other strenuous exercise originate from the feet up.

To quote the experts: "Your feet act as the platform for your entire body. Often muscle and joint pain stem from incorrect alignment of the feet."

So it all begins as you take your first steps.

The analysis and advice are free. The cost of insoles starts at f45.

> Dee O'Keeffe