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The Essentials for your pre-nup party

From asking around a few seasoned hens, the following, regardless of where you are, makes for a fantastic hen night:

The Mr and Mrs Quiz: This involves filming the groom and asking him questions about his bride-to-be.

You can start with simple questions such as 'where was your first date?' and move cheekily on to 'what one item of clothing do you hate of hers?' and on and on.

The idea is that while watching you all listen to the question, pause it and ask the bride the answer. If she gets it wrong there must be some sort of forfeit -- such as donning a horrible piece of tacky, hen-associated clothing, or making her take a shot.

;Dress up the bride: Some examples include: an item belonging to the groom, ie a gammy old jumper; try a themed outfit, say '80s, by picking up some cheap and cheerful items from Penneys to relive your childhood; or go 1920s style, everyone is guaranteed to look classy with their feather headbands, boas, gorgeous beaded dresses and red lippy.

You could also go down the L-plate route. You can find hen paraphernalia in places such as the €2 shop and also Ann Summers on O'Connell Street.

Create a hen book: The idea of this is that all attendee-hens will pen a little note for the bride to wish her well in her impending nuptials.

You can also stick in old-school photos or other souvenirs.

For a gorgeous, classy one, Daintree Paper on Camden Street have nice books. www.daintree.ie

Also check out www.Photobox.ie where you can submit photos online and make an album.

If someone in the group is creative and willing, you can make your own by first investing in a nice hardback book (try art shops or any big stationery shop such as Reads, or Eason) and collaging the cover of it.

>If you feel it's all too much and you want to hand it to the professionals or just want a one-stop shop, make sure to check out www.HenParty.ie, call 051 390990 or email info@ henparty.ie

>For fans of the show (left), a quirky fun idea is Fr Ted Tours (check out www.tedtours.com). A typical hen includes a 'Lovely Girls' bus tour, all hens entering a Lovely Girls contest and then going to a trad session in a local pub.