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The end of a great journey in running discovery

There is always a little sadness as you come to the end of a great journey of discovery, as we have been for the past 13 weeks.

These feelings will easily be overcome in anticipation of the great excitement of race day and an atmosphere you will never forget, especially when you are presented with your well-earned medal.

This is a week that will require full concentration and lots of rest, so a few early nights would not go astray. If you are feeling good physically, it will be all right to do your last strenuous workout next Wednesday.

This should be approximately half the distance (5k), but at the same pace that you intend running the full 10k distance on race day.

If you train hard after this date you could find yourself running tired on the day. Walkers and joggers should also follow this simple rule and all will come up fresh and eager for the big occasion.

Do not attempt to wear new gear, which could cause chafing and make you uncomfortable during the race and, of course, no new shoes as they could cause blisters and really slow you down.

Rubbing Vaseline on any sensitive areas should be of help to prevent chafing.

After next Wednesday, a short jog or walk is all that is needed in the final few days to ensure you feel fresh and lively on June 3. Banish any nagging doubts about getting to the finish line and this positive attitude and the camaraderie of the group, who are exactly in the same position as yourself, will help you through if you hit a bad patch.



Do not eat or drink to excess in the last few days and, in particular, avoid alcohol, which speeds up dehydration.

Take water at all of the water stations on the course. If you feel distressed during the race slow down and move to the side of the road and, if necessary, call for aid.

At the start, stick with friends or set out at a pace that is comfortable.

If you aim to run all the way, pace yourself up to the halfway and then speed up gradually if you feel good. For the vast majority the goal is to get to the finish line. Along the route, the carnival atmosphere and the encouragement of spectators and other participants will keep you going.

After you have collected your medal, keep walking to the finish water station and do a little stretching.

Good luck to all!