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The Atkins Diet

Claudia Carroll ('40s - when I'm asked my age I just say ancient'), author

Claudia Carroll (40s –when I'm asked my age I just say ancient"), author.

"Back a few years ago, when every bony-looking celeb with arms the size of pipe cleaners was 'doing Atkins' I decided to give it a whirl. Well, the whole no-carbs thing lasted for all of about a fortnight. I know, pathetic. But when they say no carbs, they really mean it and you try living your life without staples, such as bread, pasta or, in my case, Nutella.

"Anyway, it was a disaster and I think I over-compensated on carbs the minute I came off it to such an extent that I ended up gaining half a stone. Served me right for thinking that what worked for Catherine Zeta Jones would ultimately work for me."