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Temp Head - amp gt Derry Clarke

>Derry Clarke

l'Ecrivain, Lower Baggot Street

"My father was a food importer – John Clarke & Sons – and my mother's father was a fruit importer so there was always some exotic food or fruit in our house to try.

"Stews were a speciality in our house. The first thing I ever cooked was brown bread when I was about nine or 10. My dad showed me what to do. My Auntie Carrie was a partner in the Man Friday Restaurant in Kinsale. She got me a summer job washing pots and pans when I was just 13. I went back for school holidays and the late great Peter Barry decided with my foodie background that he would like me to try my hand in the kitchen.

"I took to it like a duck to water and never looked back.

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