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Temp Head

>Buy batch bread from a traditional bakery rather than plastic sliced pan.

>Eat lots of slow-release carbohydrates -- porridge, lentils, beans.

>Buy vegetables in season and from Moore Street/Camden Street.

>Learn to love cheap root vegetables.

>Butchers, bakeries and ethnic shops are often cheaper than supermarkets.

>Buy whiting instead of cod and chicken legs/thighs instead of breast.

>Always check the 'reduced to clear' section of supermarkets first.

>Always cook in large quantities and freeze leftovers.

>Avoid all convenience food -- it is low in nutrition.

>Save left-over wine, beer or cider to use in cooking.

>Go to charity shops/flea markets for utensils, coffee makers and cook books.

>Have a botany student help you find fresh herbs outdoors.