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Temp Head

"I believe as a nation we became very greedy and gluttonous, and I think the recession has taught people to appreciate the small things again, and be thrifty, which is not only good for the pocket but the environment, too. We threw out way too much stuff before!"

Amanda Brunker, author

"President Higgins hit the nail on the head in his victory speech when he said that 'we leave behind the narrow-minded individualism that valued a person for what was assumed to be their accumulative wealth, but neglected the connection between the person, the community and the nation.' I've noticed people being far more open-minded over the past few years, and a willingness to try new ideas."

Dylan Haskins, broadcaster

"The recession has given me the gift of two important tools in life -- to embrace and to appreciate. I embrace life by giving 100pc to everything that I do and appreciate all the individuals and simple daily things that surround me."

Louise O'Reilly, plus-size model

"Yes there are many positives. It has definitely encouraged people to work harder and inspired creativity. People are exploring beyond what they thought they were capable of professionally, and are developing new niches or areas of expertise." Rosanna Davison, model

"The downturn in the economy has also presented many amazing opportunities for people who are willing to take risks. I for one have been able to capitalise on opportunities that otherwise may have been closed off."

Darren Kennedy, TV personality and stylist