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Temp Head

Princess Diana had Chicago -- indeed all of America -- at her feet when she checked into The Drake Hotel for three days in June 1996. She was about to divorce her husband and while the Brits were cooling on her, Chicagoans poured onto the streets to try to get a glimpse.

A few lucky guests at this historic hotel got far more than that: Diana asked The Drake to select a few guests who might like to join her for dinner and so, a handful of people got to socialise with the Princess in her own suite.

If you're not asked to join some celeb -- former guests run from Joe DiMaggio and Marilyn Monroe, who carved their initials in the bar, Elizabeth Taylor and Judy Garland, to a head of the Chicago Outfit in the 1930s and Winston Churchill -- you won't go short of a bite.

The Cape Cod Restaurant serves some of the best seafood in Chicago, afternoon tea in The Drake is something of an institution and it's within a stroll of numerous coffee shops and restaurants.

And if it looks vaguely familiar, perhaps it's because it's featured in a number of movies including My Best Friend's Wedding, What Women Want, Mission Impossible and Continental Divide.