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Temp Head

Don't use very heavy weights.

Don't overload on protein -- meat, fish etc.

•Cut down on the alcohol, especially beer.

•Eat five small meals a day.

•Exercise three to four times weekly with light weights for a maximum of 45 minutes each time.

•Aim to walk four miles in one hour.

•Don't overdo the crosstrainer at high resistance or spinning as this builds up the hips and thighs. Keep resistance low.

•Most of all, decide what body type you are. This will determine your potential of workout fat loss.

•If diets are too severe, you won't last long. You have to live. Quick-fix diets don't work, you will regain all the weight you lost when you eat normally again.

•Aim to lose 2lbs weekly and it will stay off and you will feel great without starving. So no liquid diets with shakes etc, because the only thing you will end up losing is your health.

•The real answer is to eat well, train hard and have a life without pills or injections.