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Remington Jumbo Curls Hair Rollers

THAT'S NEWS. It is, actually. Big hair, which is a thing we have all made fun of for years, is back in style. We're still making fun of it a little (oh, Cheryl, what were you thinking?), but we are also wanting it. This is fashion in a nutshell: you think something looks silly, but you want it anyway. There are, of course, degrees of bigness.

THERE ARE, OF COURSE. I mean, you could go for a massive beehive, as did Ms Cole, but I suspect that there was liberal use of fake hair to pad that out. Rest her soul, Amy Winehouse certainly didn't grow all that hair herself. So what's a girl to do, when she lacks for stylists-on-call who can come running at the drop of a hat? She can go beauty DIY.

WITH SOMETHING LIKE THESE? Indeed. The Remington Jumbo Curls Hair Rollers are here to help you do yourself up like a celeb. Well, that was my hope, anyway. I wanted something quick, and easy, that would give me massive curls in 20 minutes or less.

HOW DID YOU GET ON? Well, I was being a little unrealistic. It took me about 20 minutes to get all my hair on the rollers. I also waited for a while for them to heat up, expecting the light on the case to go out when they were ready -- but it never did. This is a major design fault.

I loved the big plastic clips that came with the rollers, so much more effective and easier to use than those old-fashioned metal things with the rubber on the tips. They supplied those too, but I can't believe anyone would prefer them.

AND HOW DID YOU HAIR LOOK? It looked beautiful and wavy, and I didn't even mind that it looked a little short -- I mean, come on, I had to lose length to get volume.

The velvety texture of the rollers meant that my hair didn't get broken or kinky, and the resulting curls were soft and bouncy. I wished that there were rollers of a smaller dimension, so that I could have made more curls.

I didn't feel that there was much staying power to the hairstyle -- though this may be down to the texture of my hair. If nothing else, the design of the rollers themselves, and those fab slip-on clippy things, is the major selling point: they treat your hair with care, and that's a big plus.

The Remington Jumbo Curls Hair Rollers retail for €49.99, and are available at all good electronics outlets