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Founded by Cyrus Harvey in 1972, Crabtree & Evelyn has evolved from a small, family-run business specialising in fine soaps from around the world to an international company, famed for its fragrances and naturally based toiletries.

Known for its English style (although the brand is in fact American) Crabtree & Evelyn is all about making the everyday luxurious through high quality products; there are 30 separate steps involved in the making of a single bar of soap.

The range features fragrances, products for hands, feet, lips and body as well as items for the home such as candles, room sprays and more.

From the start, Crabtree & Evelyn introduced product ranges made with fruit, flower and plant essences. The brand's "inspirational model" is the early home apothecary, or still room.

Still rooms existed in a time when fresh flowers, herbs and fruits from gardens and orchards were distilled to make fragrant waters for the bath and essences for the skin. This tradition is not the only reference to the past that remains a major part of the modern brand.

The name Crabtree & Evelyn is inspired by John Evelyn, a 17th-century Englishman who was a visionary and one of the first naturalists and conservationists. His personal motto "Explore everything. Keep the best" is still a source of inspiration to the company. The second part of the name and the brand's symbol, is the crab-apple tree, native to Britain and the ancestor of all cultivated apple trees.

Today, Crabtree & Evelyn is sold in more than 40 countries and has over 350 stores worldwide.

If you buy just one product: India Hicks Island Living Spider-Lily Bath Salts (€26) is blended with Epsom and sea salt to help relax tight muscles and release tension. It also contains tropical oils and seaweed extract to condition and soothe and is fragranced with the tropical green spider-lily scent.

The fans: Brooke Shields, Charlotte Church, Cate Blanchett, Kate Winslet, Renee Zellweger, Joan Collins and Laura Mercier

The price: Crabtree & Evelyn prices range from €6 to €30

Where to get it: It's available in pharmacies nationwide. See www.crabtree-evelyn.co.uk