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Taking advantage of sunny weather for marathon build-up

SUNNY weather and brighter evenings remind us all of the joys of outdoor activity, as we witness nature at its best, on our runs and walks.

We are now into the last two weeks of real training before the ease-down period to refresh the muscles and the mind, for the big effort on race day.

I watched the park run in Marlay Park last week and it was obvious that many mini-marathoners are using these outlets to drink in the race atmosphere, as the races are not ultra-competitive and serve a useful purpose for beginners and intermediate runners.

For those who are running for a time for race day, I urge you to test your stamina by entering a 4/5 mile road race or a full 10k. There are lots of these all over the country and they will welcome you with open arms. There is usually a list of such events in the Herald on Thursdays, so you can pick one that is close to you.

Maintain a steady pace throughout all your sessions but finish each one feeling strong and fluent. Everything is done at below the pace you intend to run on race day, as you are going to save that special effort for the big occasion.

As our schedules are designed for beginner to intermediate runners/walkers, do not get carried away if you enter a fun run or race. Run at a comfortable pace and wind up gradually to a pace you can continue at, to the finish line. Do your warm-up prior to your run for around 15 minutes and stretch out those muscles, so there is no risk of injury.



Again to help recovery in the muscles, run as often as possible on grass , as this prevents jarring. Enjoy the last few weeks at whatever pace you decide to run, jog or walk at – keep them balanced and you will be eager to face the start gun on what is sure to be a superb occasion.