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Take it all off! Why you must remove your make up every night...



This comes with one of the most gentle muslin cloths I've ever encountered. I'm not a fan of cream cleansers, but I have loads of time for this one. It is thoroughly infused with essential oils and smells gorgeous; it's terrifically gentle yet effective.


€3.50 HIIII

This cloth mitt is meant to be usable by only adding water. I did so, and it absolutely didn't work. It took off the make up as would any object that has been dampened, but there was so much residue left that I may as well have not bothered.

NO 7 Beautiful Skin Cleansing Oil

€14.25 HHHHH

I love oils of any stripe, and this is terrifically amazing for cleansing off the day. Apply some to your face, add water, and it turns into a manageable milky substance that lifts all the gunk off. It's also squeaky clean without drying!

REN Rosa Centifolia Hot Cloth Cleanser

€21.95 HHHII

This is a super gentle cleanser, and the cloth is a nice little bonus. (We are all supposed to be using white cotton cloths to remove our make up, BTW.)

I don't do that much white laundry, and so I find this inconvenient. The product itself seems almost too gentle to really get the skin squeaky clean.

ELIZABETH ARDEN Prevage Anti-aging Treatment Boosting Cleanser


I loved this on contact: there's a bit of a scrub to this, so be careful round the eye area, but otherwise, I had a shiny new face after just one use.

Worth every cent, and as with most high-end brands, the tiniest bit does the job.

CLARISONIC Aria Sonic Cleansing Brush

€199 HHHHI

This is also worth the price. I wouldn't use this everyday, mind you, as even though the brush is vibrating gently rather than spinning like a mad thing, it is still exfoliating in the process of cleansing.

But OMG, what a cleanse! I have never felt so facially clean in my life.

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