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swept away sing along two and fro eye for an eye

RTE2, 7.05pm

When the mighty Mississippi broke its banks in 1927 it was the first major flood captured on film.

In those poverty-stricken times in the Deep South, it left huge numbers of desperately poor black Americans homeless.

So-called 'white trash' Americans, hovering near the poverty line, were also badly hit.

The memory of such times gave rise to the Johnny Cash classic How High Is The Water Mama?

sing along

BBC1, 7.10pm

There has been plenty of star potential on the yellow brick road so far, but who would have thought that Bronte and Dani would have made such early exits from the competition?

It just goes to show how difficult it is to woo the all-important public vote.

two and fro

TV3, UTV, 8pm

Word in the celeb gossip world is that Simon Cowell is snowed under with all his money-making projects.

He's got a wedding to plan, and with his X Factor franchise hitting American shores next year, he will have to spend more time Stateside. Will the absence of Mr Nasty hit ratings on this side of the pond?

eye for an eye

Channel 4, 8pm

Former members of the British army's elite unit talk about their times stalking the IRA in Northern Ireland. Some chilling accounts of clinical killing are reccounted.

Also re-examined is the SAS involvement in the 1980 Iranian Embassy siege in London.