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Sunshine brings out the worst in a permanent fashion trend

PART of the fun when it comes to good weather in Ireland is the sudden dash by females to wear entirely inappropriate, unflattering items of clothing.

I'm all for a polite nod to a pair of sandals, post-pedicure, but I do not feel the urge to expose acres of my flesh to others.

My Wesley-disco days are long over.

Of course, the upside to all this barely there dressing is that the rest of us can while away the hours playing fashion police.

Waiting outside the Westin Hotel for someone who is always late last week gave me ample opportunity to people watch, observe a new trend, and wonder when in the world did women loose sight of the fact that most of us do not look like Angelina Jolie or Rihanna?

These are two of the only celebs I can think of who do not look trashy with all their tattoos and may not live to regret any of them -- if they stop now.


I spotted one girl from my perch who looked perfectly fine until she removed a scarf that she had been wearing over her black vest to show an arrangement of tattoos over the top of each breast. Another girl who walked by had coloured markings all up one arm -- she looked about 18 years of age.

Nineteen-year-old Miley Cyrus is fast entering a skank danger zone with her penchant for getting inked.

Of course, alarm bells should have rang out loudly when her first choice of tattoo was 'Just Breathe' on her rib cage, it makes the 'Mum' tats of yesteryear seem positively deep and thought provoking.

Miley's brother, Trace, recently had to shave his head to make space on his body for more tattoos, so perhaps it's in the genes.

The best advice anyone can give is this: small, black tattoos are the easiest and least costly to remove -- and if you wait until you are over 30, then you are either old enough to know better or you've thought about it long and hard enough to take the ink plunge.

>dee o'keeffe