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Strong bonds are formed and you leave with friends for life

"I'm going to take a year out, do a lot of drugs and other weird stuff, and then I'll write my novel". These are the words that are spoken as we contemplate our future in our final year in college.

When people think of college they think of studying, assignments and mindless drinking. But, deep down, there's a bond that happens while all those other things are going on.

In my final year, I have seen something that I didn't think was there before. I was lucky enough to be part of a class that took trips every year; from the depths of Galway to the summer days of Killarney, we went without fail every year.

There was a lot of traditional (and not so traditional) aspects, from drinking at an unusual hour of the morning, to the "airing of grievances" over dinner before we went out later – yes, for more drinking.



There's a bond in college that doesn't really happen at any other time in one's life. We're too young in primary school, and although we don't like to admit it, we're too young in secondary school. We still haven't fully formed as adults and, therefore, we can't be sure who we would care to spend time with.

In college, we really are at that final hurdle; we have established our personalities and so we really do miss the people we have formed friendships with. We not only have common interests, but most likely have shared things that, for some reason, we wouldn't share with other friends.

It's funny how different classes bond. Some go on trips, some get matching jumpers, others simply set up an exclusive Facebook page.

Sometimes a private Facebook page where communal grievances are shared is enough to solidify the college student bond.

It's a part of college that is so easily forgotten. I am blessed with a small class of less than 50 and even still it's nigh on impossible to gather the group for even a drink, let alone a meal.

Yet, it's possibly the most important part of the entire experience. It teaches us to socialise with like-minded people and to organise our own events (we can't always expect 'teacher' to bring us on class trips).

I've made "friends for life". That might not mean I'll hang out with them as much, but somehow, we'll be just as close, and I think that's the same for all students.