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Stress less and you'll be able to soar a lot more

For years surveys have been conducted on stress, where it is pointed out that we must take care and learn to relax, cut down on alcohol and so on. While these may help alleviate the problem, they will not remove it, because for most people with stress it goes a lot deeper.

It can be brought on by fear of rejection, fear of death, job loss, relationships, money worries. But if you examine these more closely you will find that Mr and Mrs Average are driving through life without a steering wheel, hoping they will reach their destination, which of course they don't.

They fall into many holes on the way. Some climb out and keep going, others may stay there. The holes may be a job you don't particularly want or relationships that may have been stilled from insecurity.

A lot of these situations are brought on by having no direction, no definite purpose, which causes you to feel lost, confused and stressed. Here we are on the greatest adventure in life and a lot of people don't know their destination.


The first point in overcoming this is to set realistic goals. When we set goals we develop direction, we develop focused and channelled energy and we accomplish more in a short time than we could accomplish in years.

Why then do so few people set goals? The first conclusion is that the majority of people don't understand the importance of goals. The second is that they don't know how. The third is fear of rejection - they've found that every time they do set a goal, somebody tells them they can't achieve it. The fourth reason is that they're afraid they may fail.

People do not understand the importance of failure in achievement. We have to be willing to risk failure. There's no way we can realise our full potential unless we've failed so many times that eventually we learn the lessons necessary for us to go on to our great achievements.

The only thing in life that is inevitable is change. Most of us are uneasy about change because we're afraid of the results. Goals enable us to control the direction of change in our lives.

Every human being has average abilities, but every one of us has the ability to achieve excellence or make an outstanding accomplishment in at least one area. Make one of your goals to find where you can develop excellence in your life.