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Storytelling gets a modern makeover to take you off the beaten tracks

TWO young Dublin filmmakers have revived Ireland's age-old tradition of storytelling with a phone App that allows revellers to discover the capital's secret stories.

Andrew Flaherty (27) and Tom Rowley (26) have collected a series of personal, funny and historical stories about the capital to create interactive tours across the city.

The pair have already filmed 40 stories varying from 30-second clips to 15-minutes yarns for their website Storymap.ie, and they are now developing the equivalent mobile phone application.

"The App will allow anyone to take to the streets, explore Dublin and listen to the stories at the same time," Tallaght native Andrew told the Herald. "You have three options: 'story rambling' which will link all the stories thematically. For example, you can go on a historic or comic tour of the capital, or you can discover gay or romantic Dublin.

"There will be a story alert which will tell you when you're passing an area where there is a story that might interest you.


"And last is the ramble gamble function, where you type your destination and you are given alternative routes, so any walk becomes your personal tour.

"We hope to get people off the beaten track."

Andrew and Tom have searched for Dublin's best storytellers across the city's pubs.

The two friends eventually want to expand their service to Galway, Limerick, Cork and later abroad, but first they are trying to raise €5,000 to get their App running.

"We both had to call in favours from friends to make this project work, but we don't have enough to complete the App," Andrew explained.

The team is now looking to "Dubliners, Dublin enthusiasts and organisations" for help.

"By funding the Storymap App through Fund It (www.fund.it), each contributor can choose from an array of great rewards for different levels of funding, from €10 to €700.

"The aim is to raise €5,000 to keep the project going.

"According to the rules, Storymap only has until October 26 to reach the target amount," they said.