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Story of the bath bomb

MIRA started her association with Lush, the natural beauty brand, as a 'Saturday Girl'. Working full time in the music business, she found being in the largely female environment at the weekends to be refreshing. "Going to work for Lush after a long week soothed my soul and restored some much-needed loveliness," she says. She's the author of Danger! Cosmetics to Go, Lush's first foray into book publishing, and she talks about the genesis of the intensively researched, exuberantly written and designed book here.


I was aware of Cosmetics to Go as some of our Lush products had their origins in that company, and we'd learn about them in product training.


A friend at work passed Mark Constantine, founder of both Lush and Cosmetics to Go, a chapter of a novel I was writing on my dating disasters. Mark found it very funny. I found it mortifying that he'd read it. It all worked out, though, as we ended up in this conversation about the Lush book. He'd been trying to get a book about Lush off the ground for ages. Customers were always asking if we had one and wanted to know more about us.

I pitched my ideas to him, and we quickly came to the conclusion that we needed to start the Lush story from the beginning and first tell the story of Cosmetics to Go.

So many of our products, ethics and the way we invent and create came from Cosmetics to Go – it would have been a huge disservice to cut this out of the Lush story. It's also a pretty compelling, almost unbelievable story in its own right, so it deserved to be told.


First and foremost I think it's a book of origin stories – just as you discover that a radioactive spider bit Peter Parker, making him Spider-Man, I get to reveal the circumstances that led to the invention of some of our most iconic products like the bath bombs, shampoo bars, massage bars, and fresh face masks. They're all great stories, which delight Lush aficionados.


The business seemed to have everything: creativity, fun, uniqueness, exclusive products, and yet it managed within a few tough months to spectacularly lose it all. It outlines the mistakes that were made, but also shows how easy it is to get something wonderful off the ground if you are passionate and creative and surround yourself with similarly enthusiastic people.

What advice would you give to an author just starting out?

My advice is simple. Just keep writing. Every day. Even when you hit a block with your narrative, or things aren't working as you wanted them to, just keep going.

If you trust in the words and let them out on to the page, they have a way of building into a finished story. That's when you have to get the pruning shears out and trim back.

Danger! Cosmetics to Go by Mira Manga is €24.95 **** and available from Lush shops or online at lush.co.uk

Let's all have a beautiful year!

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