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Step up your regime to shift those last stubborn pounds

WITH just four weeks to go, it's now time to step things up. Your fitness levels will have improved a considerable amount and hopefully your eating habits will have changed for good.

You should have learned to be more aware of food labels and the hidden dangers of sugar, which is responsible for a huge increase in obesity, especially in children.

You have been doing three sets of 20 repetitions for three days a week, with three days of cardio. It's now time to push yourself to lose those last stubborn pounds.

For the next four weeks, I want you to train twice daily. Get up in the mornings a little earlier and try to complete one hour of cardio -- fast walking, swimming, cycling, etc for six days a week.

After your hour of cardio in the morning, I want you to do one hour of your weights programme in the afternoon or evening, but no later than 8pm.

Exercise causes the metabolism to speed up, so if you leave it any later you might have difficulty sleeping.

Try to arrange to have a training partner in the morning who will help to encourage you on your quest. Training with a partner is great for when you feel like staying in bed.

Have a rest from exercising on Sunday (this is the day you can also allow yourself a little food treat but don't go overboard and undo all your hard work).

However, if you do stray from your diet, don't beat yourself up about it. Just go back to eating healthily the next day and get back into your routine.


These exercises will help you get your curves back, especially at the waist, top of the hips and lower back.

The exercises will also help with your posture while getting all the internal organs working more efficiently to remove the excess waste from your body.


Vicki is doing very well on her programme and has made great progress. She is getting better with every workout.

The weight loss, together with the inch loss, means that her shape is starting to change, giving her a natural curvy figure. She also has great tone.

Vicki can now see herself improving each week. Friends may say you look great but when you see results yourself, that really spurs you on.

Her legs are starting to get that long, lean look, which her friends are noticing and the bulky look from her legs is gone.

Her fitness levels have really improved, as she's commented on herself, and it's not surprising that she made a quicker recovery from her illness than normal.

This is a sign that her body is working more efficiently and is a direct result of her new, healthier lifestyle.