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Stalemate can't stop samba party as fans of Brazil and Portugal hit the town

IT takes a brave man to take on a pub full of Brazilian soccer fans while cheering for the opposition -- but it didn't faze Portuguese native Josue Oliveira.

The die-hard supporter proudly donned his Portugal jersey yesterday at Dublin's Odeon Bar, where hundreds of Brazilians were watching the latest World Cup clash. And with Josue's wife Maria shouting for Brazil, the sole Portuguese supporter was well and truly outnumbered.

"I'm proud to be Portuguese. Brazil is one of the biggest countries in the world, Portugal is much smaller, but I expected us to win. I'm not happy with the result," he told the Herald.

And it was a case of glum faces all around for the Oliveira family, as his wife Maria explained: "I wanted Brazil to win 5-0, so I can't believe we didn't score. Our young son lived in Brazil for the first 18 months of his life but never in Portugal, so he has to support Brazil!"

With the game ending in a 0-0 draw and both teams assured of progression to the second round, there was little cause for heartache in the Odeon.

Nonetheless, fans of the former champions insist that Brazil's high standards must be maintained throughout every match.

Andressa Mokesinski insisted: "I'm very upset with this result. For Brazil playing Portugal it's like the rivalry when Ireland play England because Portugal took over Brazil years ago. We should have won this. I expected at least one goal."

Brazilian fans have nominated the Odeon Bar as their base for the World Cup tournament, ensuring that every match will be followed by a colourful party. However, with the expected goals failing to materialise yesterday, many fans were planning to put the real celebrations on hold until the second round.

Confident fan Juliana Pires remarked: "I came here to support my country. Today was disappointing but I know they are still very good."