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Spring confirms the party season is here

I LOVE a good party; especially other people's parties, when I don't have to worry about anybody else's enjoyment other than my own. As a hostess, I worry about everyone in the room. Are they having a good time? Are they bored? Are they sorry they came?

It's the same with book launches. They can be nerve-racking. I have to admit I far prefer other people's book launches to my own, because at least I can enjoy a glass of wine without worrying about making a speech.

Exactly a decade after my first book launch, which was held in a trendy night club (sadly since closed down), the launch of my new book is being held tomorrow evening in Dubray Bookshop on Grafton Street.

I am definitely a bit worried that nobody will turn up after the madness of Paddy's weekend. People will probably be dying for a night in rather than a night out and won't want to face another glass of wine. But fingers crossed that the guests will include a few more people other than my parents and the shop staff.

Speaking of parties, it's Confirmation season right now. Yes, it's in full swing. I know because the lady down the road has been planning her son's Confirmation party for months now. Every time I go to post a letter I find myself bumping into her and being bombarded with all the details.

The family has hired out a few tables in a very upmarket restaurant.

"It's very low-key," the lady explained to me. "I mean for his Holy Communion, we hired out the entire restaurant."

It all sounds very grand. The family are having a champagne reception before the dinner, and they are having about 60 guests. Incidentally, I haven't actually heard where the actual Confirmation Mass is being held or anything.

"I am so stressed," the lady told me. "I'm trying to figure out who will sit where. Maybe I should have place names like at our wedding. I mean, both myself and my husband will have members of our families there, as well as our work colleagues and a lovely couple we met on holidays."

As I stood there, trying to look interested, I cast my mind back to my own Confirmation. I remember going to some unassuming restaurant with my parents and sisters. I certainly know that people didn't jet in from all corners of the world for the celebrations.

This lady, however, is not the only person I know stressing out about a Confirmation. A woman at the tennis club recently told me that she is catering for 100 people and that she is hiring out a marquee for the day. Seriously!

"Well, we just have so many friends," she explained. "We've been to so many parties recently it's about time we invited people around to ours."

"And what about your daughter? Will she be having any friends over for the party?"

"Well, of course she'll be allowed a couple of friends, too," the woman said, looking surprised at the question. "After all, it's her big day!"


Marisa is the author of Along Came A Stork