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spot the difference in these treatments

Whether you are prone to spots, or only get them occasionally, you want them gone as soon as they rear they nasty wee heads. The treatments below range in price -- and in efficacy, too.

ORIGINS Spot Remover: Blemish Treatment Pads, €29, HHHII Ah, so convenient! Just peel off a pad and gently swab the area with the pad. I think this is pretty sanitary -- more sanitary than applying directly to the fingers. The treatment felt gentle and soothing, but it wasn't like a magic wand (darn it) -- it took three pads before the spot cleared.

BLISS No 'Zit' Sherlock Spot Treatment, €21, HHHHI This smells particularly medicinal, which is not pleasant, and for some reason, the product was just gasping to escape from the tube. Too much dispensed from the first squeeze and I wasted an inordinate amount (I don't know my own strength.) But: burgeoning zit eradicated overnight. Can't beat that with a club.

KIEHL'S Blue Herbal Spot Treatment, €17.50 HHHII

I had one of those awful spots that sits right in between the eyebrows. I applied some of this and was impressed by the immediate cooling sensation. I was not, however, too impressed by how shiny it made the spot look, however. Use this one at night. The spot took three days to disappear.

DERMALOGICA Clearing Mattifier, €58.05 HHHHH

This also worked overnight, and without any antiseptic smelliness. It is pricey! But the amount it took to wipe out the spot -- the barest dab -- makes me able to rationalise such a purchase. It was super gentle and fiercely powerful. And in the spirit of an ounce of prevention being worth a pound of cure ...

EAU THERMALE AVENE Cleanance Gel, €15.25 HHHHI As far as a soap-free cleanser goes, this suds up impressively, smells refreshing, and really scrubs away the dirt and grime. I felt like my skin was super clean, if a teeny tiny bit too dry when all was said and done. This won't allow a speck of icky, spot-making gunk to live, so if you are prone, give this a look in.