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Spillane togs out to lead cancer trek

GAA PUNDIT Pat Spillane and renowned adventurer Pat Falvey will lead the way for this year's annual Kerry Way Cancer Research Walk.

The two men, along with organisers Blaithin Kiernan and Pat Murray, will lead scientists from Cork Cancer Research on the fundraising walk.

Members of the public are being asked to don their walking boots and join them from July 26-28 on the 70km trek through the Kerry Way Trails.

It's hoped that the walk will raise essential funds to complete research into new treatments for cancers that are difficult to treat or incurable.



The team has offered five successful new treatment options to clinicians nationwide.

They say this would not have been possible without fundraising support from events such as the Kerry walk, which has contributed more than €500,000.

The fundraiser is open to all who are at least 18 and fit enough to complete each walk.

Adventurer Pat Falvey said he hopes to see a great turnout, adding: "Taking on cancer is a daunting challenge which requires focus and determination, elements which are also needed for facing other challenges such as climbing Mount Everest, or walking to the South Pole.

"However the greatest challenges cannot be faced alone – it is the team supporting you that will help you get through."

Mr Spillane added: "There are still too many people affected by cancer, including personal friends and family.

"The research this walk supports is the kind of cutting edge research that will change that."

To volunteer or make a donation, call 1890 998 998, visit www.kerrywaycancerwalk.ie, www.hopelives.ie, or see the Kerry Way Walk Facebook page for details.