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Skinny beau sits around in his boxers

Q MY boyfriend walks around the apartment in his underwear. He says he's most comfortable relaxing in his boxers, and eats breakfast while not dressed and when he comes in from work he showers and eats his dinner in his boxers.

I wouldn't recommend telling him that you find his near-naked body unattractive. Try some subtle hints instead. Buy him a nice dressing gown and suggest he wears that for lounging around the apartment.

Q My friend was dumped by her boyfriend and was really depressed when she begged me to go on holidays with her. I hadn't the money, but she insisted she would pay. It wasn't the best of holidays and she moaned all the time and when guys approached us, she began moaning about her ex and they ran for the hills. That was last May, and now she's insisting I owe her a holiday. I'm feeling bullied, but she won't take 'no' for an answer.

A This friend of yours is behaving in a really selfish and disrespectful manner. Granted, she was mourning her relationship, but you gave up your time to support her on a holiday and by the sounds of it, all she was concerned about were her own problems. It was also her idea in the first place and she offered to pay. I strongly urge you not to let her bully you into bringing her on holiday and ignore what anyone else thinks, it's really none of their business. Arrange to meet with her and tell her exactly how you feel.

Q I'm beginning to dread my mum's phone calls as she talks a lot about my new nephew and her first grandchild, and what a wonderful mum my sister-in-law is. She spends a lot of time with my brother and sister-in-law since my nephew's arrival, and she's really enjoying herself and she might have been lonely beforehand as she is a widow. My younger sister has no problem with our mum's constant chitter-chatter, but I can't help feel that she's rubbing my nose in the fact that I'm single and at 28 haven't had a relationship that lasted more than six months.

A I'm sorry to hear that your own mum is making you feel uncomfortable, but it sounds that you're allowing your own insecurities to dominate how you feel. You're acutely aware of your failed relationship history, and you seem to think that it's what everyone else hones in on. I would think that your mum simply loves to chat to you about your sister-in-law because she's a new mum and your own mum is probably thrilled to be a grandmother.

I'm sure that your mum thinks the world of you. If it continues to make you feel uncomfortable, then I suggest you gently explain to her how you're feeling.