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Should we have a seagull cull?

Thryn Henderson (23), Grand Canal, DUblin:

n "We'd have to look in to whether or not culling works or not. I tend to prefer wilding techniques like introducing a predator species rather than an outright cull."

Danielle Woods (21), Dublin 1:

n "Leave them alone. Seagulls are wild animals."

Sam Wells (28), Dublin 1:

n "It's not right, I don't know what they can do but they should not be culled."

Caroline McIntyre (25), Moville, Donegal:

n "Just leave them alone and leave them to it."

Hannah Rankin (23), Greystones, Wicklow:

n "A cull is too extreme, I don't think you should harm any animal to be honest."

Tina Crafoord (32), Dublin 2:

n "No, my brother was chased before, it got stuck in his hair, but they should be left alone."

Jack Murphy (22), Blanchardstown:

n "No way, it's a seagull. Protect your stuff, keep your head down and stay away from seagulls."

Andre Crafoord (32), Dublin 2:

n "No, they're wild animals. Don't interfere."