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Shave it off -- expert's advice on baldness

IT'S the age old conundrum that most men will face at some point: what to do when you start going thin on top?

University of Pennsylvania researcher said Albert Mannes, male-pattern baldness has been linked with poor self-esteem and greater depression.

But his new research points to a somewhat radical solution to the problem -- shave it off.

In his recent paper titled, "Shorn Scalps and Perceptions of Male Dominance," published in the journal Social Psychological and Personality Science, the mane boffin describes his surprising results.


Specifically, he found men with shaved heads were viewed as more masculine and dominant than other men.

Such men were perceived as taller (by an inch, on average), stronger and viewed as having greater potential as leaders.

Mr Mannes said: "The broad take-away is that perceptions about leadership and related traits like dominance can emerge from peculiar characteristics that aren't really related to leadership at all."

However, his studies showed those with shaved heads rated lower on scales of attractiveness and were also seen as older.