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Seeing mum running 5k at age 72 was so inspirational

IT was the most wonderful morning.

Last Saturday I got up at 7.30am, got dressed in my running gear, and went over to pick my mother up. We made our way to the Phoenix Park and lined up for the Operation Transformation 5k run.

It was a cold morning, and a few flakes of snow began to fall. But once Karl Henry started his warm-up, 10 minutes before the race, we were all geared up to go.

What was inspiring about this 5k was that there were of course the top class runners, but there were many for whom this was their first 5k.

Normally, I am based in the edit suite for this show, and have spent the last seven weeks piecing together the five leaders' stories. But I had been asked to wear a go-pro camera around the course, and so had the pleasure of filming all those who had made their way to the park.

Honestly, I was moved at times seeing those who were struggling to run around the Furry Glen, push themselves further than they ever had before.

One woman told me it was her first run ever, and even though she ran at the slowest pace imaginable, she never stopped jogging.

I saw the five leaders, Monica, Greg, Gavin, Charlotte and Deirdre at the start of the race. They looked so proud and so nervous. Not only did they have to run the 5k, they had to do it in front of thousands of viewers of Operation Transformation. Deirdre was absolutely terrified, as she was the one who had always been nervous about doing this run.

After eight weeks, Operation Transformation comes to an end tonight and tomorrow night. It is always a treat to work on. But the most amazing element to this year's show was to see my mother jog across the finishing line of the 5k on Saturday. Aged 72, she did it in 48 minutes, smiling as she did so!

The five leaders are such an inspiration, but I have my own inspiration in my mother Eileen.

Now she did tell me that she was going to head to the shops on the way home, and there would be some purchasing of cakes and biscuits, but hey – I think she deserves it!