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School 'weigh-ins' needed, says Kathryn Thomas


Kathryn Thomas

Kathryn Thomas

Kathryn Thomas

Operation Transformation's Kathryn Thomas believes schools should bring in a yearly 'weigh-in' of its pupils in an attempt to tackle childhood obesity.

The RTE star said that although responsibility for the obesity epidemic lies with parents, schools must help tackle the problem too.

Kathryn (36) said that there should be no taboo associated with keeping an eye on weight at a young age.

"I think schools can be instrumental in developing good habits," she said.

"Introducing health checks, where children are weighed every year at the end of term is important. It means parents can be made aware if there is a problem, because a lot of parents are in denial."

Kathryn said that RTE's Operation Transformation has opened people's eyes to their weight.


"Our 'Know Your Numbers' campaign was successful because it made people look at themselves," she said. "We have become so used to seeing people who are overweight and thinking it is normal.

"It's about getting the tape measure out, getting on the scales, checking your BMI, and at least you know your number. You know where to start from. It's the same for kids as well."

Meanwhile, the Voice of Ireland host explained the hoops that she must jump through just to select her outfits for the battles and live shows.

"There is so much you have to take in. Like no patterns because of the lights, stuff that's going to rise, you have to think about microphone packs, all that sort of stuff," she told the Herald. "You can't wear white. If one of the contestants is doing a battle that involves lots of red, that's out."