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Roz's Newbridge ad banned for being 'exploitative' ... after just one complaint


Roz Purcell in racy ad for Newbridge Silverware

Roz Purcell in racy ad for Newbridge Silverware

Roz Purcell in racy ad for Newbridge Silverware

AN ONLINE advertisement starring Roz Purcell has been deemed too provocative for Irish audiences.

The two-minute clip shows the gorgeous model writhing around a dimly lit set in revealing clothing, draped in jewellery from the Newbridge Silver eShe collection

But the Advertising Standards Authority of Ireland (ASAI) has ruled the promo as "exploitative of sexuality".

Slender Roz, who is on the books of the Andrea Roche modelling agency, is the sole actor in the clip. With several costume changes throughout the footage, her skimpy outfits pointedly leave the jewellery as the focal point of her attire.

The ad appeared only online and was featured on the company's website. On the back of a single complaint, an independent complaints committee considered the video and upheld the complaint.

In a statement the ASAI said that the committee "considered that the poses taken by the model were overtly sexual in nature and were therefore provocative".


Two scenes in particular were highlighted in the ASAI's overview; in one, the 24 year old is wearing a black and orange silky kimono held together by neck pieces from the collection.

In the second scene, the model dips her finger into a cocktail and licks her finger.

Roz's racy ad will soon reappear with the controversial scenes removed.

A spokesperson for the company told the Herald that the two problematic scenes would be edited out and the video would be re-uploaded to the site.

The person who lodged the complaint was concerned that Roz's "poses, the facial expressions and the clothing" all served to promote women in a sexual way and not the jewellery collection.

Meanwhile, a complaint against another company, House of Tiles and Bathrooms, was upheld when an image of a woman posed with two tiles positioned in a similar way to a bikini top caused concern.