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Rosanna Davison: 'My unique selling point is that I'm a nutritionist and a world beauty queen'


Rosanna Davison

Rosanna Davison

Roz Purcell today launched the Marks & Spencer Produced in Ireland cookery series

Roz Purcell today launched the Marks & Spencer Produced in Ireland cookery series


Rosanna Davison

Former Miss World Rosanna Davison has said she's not bothered by other models promoting health blogs or cookbooks.

The 30-year-old model is a qualified nutritionist and is in talks to release her own cookbook soon.

When asked what she thought about fellow model Roz Purcell releasing a book, Rosanna told the Herald: "Watch this space - I might get there ahead of her."

"What's important to me is having my nutrition qualification, because it's very easy to bandy about the idea of healthy eating and I would find it very difficult to take advice from somebody who's not qualified in the area," she said.

"Once you study it, you realise what's healthy and what's not."

"So there's nobody else out there that has my qualification and also has a world title in the beauty area, and can combine them both.

'That's my unique selling point and there's no-one doing that," she added.


While she is known for her healthy vegan lifestyle and strict exercise regime, Rosanna admits that she does indulge in a takeaway - albeit a healthy one - every once in a while.

Promoting the takeaway service justeat.ie, she said: "The great thing about justeat.ie is that a lot of the takeaways are healthy - you can get vegan- friendly, paleo-friendly, dairy-free, and sugar-‑free takeaways now," she said.

Rosanna and her husband Wes Quirke have been married since last May and are looking forward to spending February 14 as husband and wife for the first time.

"This is our first Valentine's Day married, but it's our ninth in total," Rosanna said.

"In previous years we would've gone out, but this time we're having a cosy, romantic night in with the dogs and a takeaway."